Its Crunch Time

Its been so exciting to have a face and a name to go with our hearts cry for another child. Every day Priscilla gets older and learns new things and every day my arms ache more and more to hold our precious one. Upon hearing the news of our referral and receiving the official paperwork so came the reality of time being our enemy. This is crunch time. Like I said, the official paperwork for accepting the referral of Priscilla came and with it, the invoice for the fee we have been dreading. Its called the program fee and its a biggie! Before we can travel to get Priscilla we must come up with $9,690. We have almost $3,000 saved now but we need to come up with the other $6,690 ASAP. Thats almost as much as we have raised up to this point total! So I'd be lying if I didn't say Im a little nervous. My biggest fear is to get to a step in this adoption process and not be able to take it simply b/c we don't have the $ yet. So thats why I am sending this bulletin out- We need your help. We need your prayers and your support financially. Specifically here is how you can help:

1. Our adoption committee is meeting this SAT to plan out a 1 mile/5k fun raiser for early next year so please pray for us about that. Also, if you know of any businesses that might want to be involved by sponsoring the race please send us the contact information so we can touch base with them.

2. Pray about how you can support the journey. Maybe by purchasing a tshirt or bag through the online store or buying a bag of coffee from the Just Love Coffee Site. Maybe you are able to donate directly via Paypal or by sending a check in the mail. Maybe you can make a monthly donation commitment of $x/ month. Every little bit helps. Please take the time to ask God what your role is in helping us bring our little girl home- I promise its more than just reading a blog post.

3. Pray for God's miraculous touch upon the people who do give and that their sacrifice will be multiplied so that all will receive blessing from their offering like the loaves and the fish.

Please know that this group is so much more than a pocket I pick from time to time. It has been such a source of encouragement and strengthening for us during this process. The love and care you have been lavishing on us has been humbling, truly, and I never want to take that for granted. So I ask you to join with us in this tension with time- feel the weight on your heart of a little girl waiting for her family to bring her home. Pray for her and for us as God provides for these needs the next few days/weeks/months so that we can hold or precious Priscilla sooner rather than later.

Happy New Year!

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Brian and Cherie said...

My heart is definitely heavy as I realize how much you still need before this precious girl can come home. It makes me wish I could just give you that whole amount! But instead I will pray God will provide all the money you need as quickly as possible and I will do whatever I can to help. We love you guys and pray God will richly bless you in 2010!