A collage of givers

Throughout this adoption journey we have been collecting pieces to remind us and show our child what it took to bring them home. Some friends of ours came up with a great idea to help us do just that. If you have donated to our adoption at all (paypal, check, purchase through the online store etc) we would love for our child to know your hand in their homecoming.

Please take a moment and send us a picture of yourself/your family. We plan to create a photo book or quilt with your pictures so that they will always remember how many people were involved in bringing them home. NOTE: If you purchased something from the store, take a picture of you wearing your items!

If you are willing to take it even a step further, we would like to ask that you write our child a letter. Tell them your story of how you decided to be involved or what prompted you to give etc. Maybe even share some hopes and dreams you have for him/her. Share how you know us, the Gaddis' or how you heard about the adoption. We will collect these in a binder for our child to always be able to look back on and be encouraged by.

Its so exciting to see the community that has surrounded us during this process. We desire for our child to know how so many people stepped up to give them a second chance at life through adoption.

Please take a moment and say a prayer for our little one. He/She will be home soon and we can't wait to show them all the faces and words of people who have been praying for them all this time.

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Amanda said...

What a lovely story this little one will have! And a lovely family, too! We are praying for you new blessing. And praising God for your faithfulness.