Two birds with one stone today- but no one got killed, don't worry.

So today 2 things have taken place: 1. We mailed off our I600A form to the Department of Homeland Security and 2. Nathan and I had our physicals. Once we get the medical paperwork back showing we don't have any infectious diseases, we will have completed our Dossier requirements. Next step is to get everything notarized and then send it all off to Holt (our adoption agency) for review.

There is so much involved with this paper work process that it's kind of like packing for a trip- you hope you got everything you need and it gets sent to the right place but deep down you have this sneaking suspicion that you have forgotten something and just can't figure out what. Thankfully it goes through many hands before it is sent to Uganda so they have my back in making sure everything is accounted for.

So that is where we are at. Then we wait...hopefully... for our child "assignment."

Stay tuned...

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