Awaiting approval

Currently we are awaiting approval from Homeland Security. Our I600A form was submitted a few weeks ago and we received confirmation that they are processing our paperwork. The estimated time for this step seems to vary greatly which has been a point of frustration for us. I thought it would only take a few days, then our adoption agency said it would take 60-90 days but the letter we got from Homeland gave us the range of 6 months- 1 year. I am trying to find out why it may take that long or if that is just a way they give themselves a lot of leeway. So far I have no answers.

So until that is approved I cannot submit our Dossier even though I have everything together and with one trip to the notary it would be ready to go! Argh.

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April said...

I feel your pain. It is always this way with CIS. We have been working for 3 months to just get our fingerprints updated...not even get a new approval. Hang in there and as everyone who has adopted before knows, adoption isn't for the weak.