We decided it might be a good idea to have a central place for us to post the latest developments on our adoption journey. So here are the stats:

1. Our hearts: We know that God has called us to this honor of adopting internationally. We feel tremendously blessed to watch Him unfold His plans step by step as we walk faithfully forward. We are anxious to bring home our little one and cannot wait to wrap our arms around him/her and tell them we loved them even before we knew they were going to be ours. We ache and dream of that moment and pray the fulfillment of that promise will come swiftly.

2. Paper Progress: We have applied and been approved into the Holt International Uganda adoption program. We have also completed and been approved on our adoption home study and are awaiting the paperwork from that in order to move forward. Next comes the I-600A form and our Uganda Dossier.

3. Money: So far we have raised $2,475.00 toward our $20,000 goal and feel tremendously blessed by the amount of encouragement and support we have received. We haven't had any type of formal fundraising event as of yet but rest assured one is in the works. We have a dynamic team of individuals that have volunteered their time and talents in effort to help us come up with the most effective and efficient way of getting as many people as possible involved in this exciting journey. We will do a special post on them in the near future.

4. Needs: (a) PRAY! Pray for paperwork to fly through people and government approvals and systems so that this process will go as quickly as God will allow. (b) Spread the word! Tell people what we're doing and invite them to get involved. We have set up a group on Facebook they can join in on (link on the right) and of course there is this blog to keep everyone up to date as well. Pass it on! (c) Give! We have a Paypal account set up for donations if you feel so led to be a part of this adventure financially (link on the right).

5. Thank You! Like I said before the amount of love that has surrounded us as we start this journey has been astounding and we are so grateful for those of you who have extended your hearts and hands to us during this time. We are aware that this journey will not be entirely easy so it is comforting to know we will have people around to help hold us up during the times we get weary.

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You make me want to sign up now! Soon! H