when people hear that we are adopting there is a series of questions that typically follow. Here is my attempt at answering them for you ahead of time:

Q. Are you adopting a baby (vs a 5 year old)?

A. We would like to but its not for sure. Obviously there is a higher need for older children to be adopted but we believe that having kids as young as we do, the best fit for our family would be 0-2 years old. Also the agency and social worker suggest we stay in our children's biological order for easier transitioning.

Q. Are you adopting a boy or a girl?

A. Yes. We do not have a specific gender in mind. We have been blessed to have one of each so far and we feel like another boy or girl will fit perfectly into the mix. There is a higher need for boys to be adopted from Uganda so that may play into the matching we receive.

Q. How long is the process?

A. The agency has the range from 6 months to 12 months for Uganda. We are praying as soon as possible! It really depends on paper getting processed in a timely manner and government approvals.

Q. Do you get to name them?

A. Yes! When we bring our child into the US we can put a name on their citizenship forms that we have come up with. If our child has grown accustomed to hearing a particular name we will likely try to include that in their name somehow- IE a middle name or something. As of now, until we know whether boy or girl and see their precious face, we have not tried to come up with any names.

If you have a question that I did not answer on here, please submit it in the comments section and I will add it and answer it as promptly as possible.

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Robby & Jo said...

Hi Bethany,

Thanks so much for posting the FAQs. I was curious but didn't want to intrude. I am very excited for you and Nathan and I am praying for you - I am just delighted that God has laid this incredibly important purpose on your hearts. Are you still doing a fundraising dinner? Or have you had it? In Christ! Jo Lynn Ensor

Bethany Gaddis said...

We are still doing a fundraiser in Naples- not sure what form it will take as of now (dinner, concert etc). We are waiting for some other details to fall into place for that to happen so its looking like it will be more likely in the first part of next year that something of that magnitude will take place. However we will have a few little things here and there to raise awareness and funds until then that we will most certainly keep this blog, facebook and twitter updated about!

Thank you for your support!